The New Album Puzzles & Progress

Out Now!

The bands brand new album " PUZZLES & PROGRESS" is out now across all major platforms. The follow up to 2020's "HARMONIC SUN" sees the band return to their pop/rock roots with an album of energetic powerfully delivered yet catchy songs that showcase the bands versatility. With soaring vocals and thumping musicality PUZZLES & PROGRESS delivers with every track and is a showcase of a band on top of their game. Sometimes an album drops and you can feel an energy, a buzz in the songs and the playing, this is one of those albums. Available now form all major retailers . 

© 2021 The Indigo Rising. 

The Indigo Rising are friends and musicians who have played together for many years, toured, recorded, and survived the highs and lows of the music industry.  

formerly known as "Bloom" the band have enjoyed success at home and abroad.  

With the tragic passing of singer Andy race in 2018 the band have continued to release albums that had been unfinished. the current album "Harmonic sun" is available on Flicknife records across all major platforms.