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Nearly there...

So the next week or so should see the long awaited release of our new album "Puzzles & Progress" I love this album, its a rocker, we always felt it was some of our best work to be honest and we are so pleased to see it finally released. not only that, we will also re-release our debut album from 2008 "All That Is" which will include 2 unreleased bonus tracks, both live acoustic tracks, one is an album track and the other is a never before heard track, the new song you will hear is in fact us working on the song as we go! so there are words missing and some parts that we are feeling out as we go, Andy making lyrics up as he goes, its a bit shakey in parts but that's the point, we thought it would be interesting and a bit different for people to hear the making of a song, it was recorded live, all in one take in our studio, so we hope that's a little something extra that you may enjoy, plus that album is just brilliant anyway, if I do say so myself! I will have the release dates ASAP so if you could support us by buying the album ( or albums! ) that would be amazing. See you soon.

Bri, Tone, Rich.

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