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What's happening?

Plenty! that's what. hope all is well with everybody. Just a few updates from us, we now have 3 new lyric videos up and running for you eyes to devour!


No sound

Puzzles & Progress

you can find them here on the website on the videos page or via YouTube. They are all really cool and although not "Videos" per say the images reflect the lyrics and the meaning of the songs, go check em out and don't forget to give them a thumbs up. Also we have been really blown away by the reaction to the first single off the the album "No Sound" its been really well received by radio stations all over the world and is on constant rotation, and i mean constant! we really cant keep up with the amount of stations that are playing it, so a big thank you to anybody reading this that may have helped. We are starting to think we may be getting somewhere at last, I know Andy would approve and be proud of what we are doing so with a bit of grace lets hope we can create something here.... x

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