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Puzzles out now!!

at last!! Puzzles & Progress is now available wherever you buy your music from. ITunes Amazon YouTube music, the lot! its been a long time in the making, obviously Andy's death put us all back , and this album remained lost and unfinished but we knew it was a good one and it deserved to be out there, i know Andy would be proud of this, like we all are so i hope you all enjoy it. believe me when i say blood sweat and tears went in to this, honestly that's so true. ITunes link is here please support us by buying the album, it really makes a difference to us £7.99 for a lifetimes worth of work is very good value!! please enjoy and stay safe.

Amazon link

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© 2021 The Indigo Rising. 

The Indigo Rising are friends and musicians who have played together for many years, toured, recorded, and survived the highs and lows of the music industry.  

formerly known as "Bloom" the band have enjoyed success at home and abroad.  

With the tragic passing of singer Andy race in 2018 the band have continued to release albums that had been unfinished. the current album "Harmonic sun" is available on Flicknife records across all major platforms.